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Mitel 5613

Backlit color display, CPDM support, standart headset conn., GAP/CAP
Product SKU : 50006897

The Mitel 5613 DECT phone is designed for mobile users who desire a device that meets their demanding office communication needs. The 5613 affords users the flexibility to tailor the phone for specific needs through its programmable soft keys and offers duplex hands-free and support for standard (3.5 mm) headsets to compliment the way they work today. The 5613 offers a large, clear and informative 1.8” backlit color display. There are two methods of charging the 5613, either by a traditional individual desktop charger unit or via a six-way charger rack. As an option for phones that are used in shifts, or when there is no time to leave the phones in a charger, there is a 6-way battery pack charger. This allows the users to easily switch to a fresh battery when needed.

Phone Management

The DECT phones can be managed in two alternatives ways: a central solution using the CPDM3/WSM3 server and/or a local PC solution with phones docked in a dedicated Desk PDM Programmer. The Central Portable Device Manager (CPDM3/WSM3) solution has the same functionality as the PC-based solution, but is centralized and can manage multiple DECT phones simultaneously. The CPDM3 works with LAN-connected Rack PDM Chargers and Desk PDM Programmers. Phones can then be managed either locally or remotely. For DECT phones used in IP DECT systems the phones can also be managed over-the-air.

Desk PDM Programmer

Desk PDM (Portable Device Manager), supports configuration of phones with all their parameters, as well as software upgrades. The Desk PDM software is installed on a PC and connected to the Desk PDM Programmer via the included USB cable. A database on the PC stores all the phone configurations - only one phone can be managed at a time.


The Mitel 5613 and Mitel 5614 cordless phones have a different form and color compared to DT390 and DT690 phones. However, the electrical interface and the connector at the bottom of the phones are the same. Therefore, Mitel 5613 and 5614 can be docked and charged in the old DT390/DT690 chargers (Desk Charger and Rack Charger). But, due to the differences in the physical shapes, the old DT390/DT690 can not be charged in the new Mitel 5613/5614 desk chargers. The same is valid for the old Desk PDM Charger vs. the new Desk Programmer (note that the new Desk Programmer for Mitel 5613/5614 does not provide charging).

The existing DT390/690/4x3 Rack Charger is compatible with the Mitel 5613 and 5614 and will be used by corporate Mitel for the new Mitel 5613 and Mitel 5614. The name of the Rack Charger will be modified to reflect the expanded usage.

DT390/690 Security Chain will change product number and name, however it is the same security chain and it will fit the old DT390/690 as well as the new Mitel 5613/5614.

The DT390 spare battery will change product number and name, however it is the same battery as is being used in Mitel 5613 and it is thus completely compatible.

The Mitel 5613 and Mitel 5614 cordless phones have 3,5 mm headset connectors and are therefore not compatible with older headsets using 2,5 mm connectors.

Mitel 5614 supports SMS messaging in conjunction with other SMS capable Mitel DECT terminals while used with Mitel CPDM3.

Mitel 5613 and Mitel 5614 are the successors to DT390 and DT690.



  • Backlit color TFT display (1.8”,128 x 160 pixel)
  • Central phonebook unlimited, 1000 company phonebook entries and 250 local phone book entries
  • Talk time: 16 hours
  • Stand-by: 180 hours
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • 14 adjustable ring signals including vibrating
  • Hands-free with duplex loudspeaker
  • Standard 3.5 mm headset connector
  • 3 soft keys, 4-way navigation key
  • Illuminated display for incoming call and charging
  • Easy to use display with intuitive icons
  • Virtual SIM
  • Supported by Central Portable Device Manager (CPDM)
  • Supporting G.722.2 (over IP-DECT)
  • Supporting GAP/CAP
  • Languages supported: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish, + 1 downloadable.

Supported systems:

  • The Mitel 5613 and 5614 are formally released and supported by MiVoice MX-ONE 6.3. The Mitel 5613 and Mitel 5614 support the display management of the MX-ONE Integrated DECT.


  • Desk charger Mitel 5613 and 5614 for charging the phones (EU or Global version)
  • Rack charger for Mitel 5613 and 5614, includes LAN connection for CPDM management
  • Programmer for Mitel 5613 and 5614 for management of the handsets via WinPDM (Note that the new Desk Programmer do not provide charging of the phones)
  • Security/Swivel clip Mitel 5613
  • Carrying case Mitel 5613
  • Security chain Mitel 5613 and 5614

Package content:

  • Mitel 5613 phone
  • Belt clip
  • Battery
  • Quick User Guide


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