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The success of a business and the goodwill of an entity increasingly depend on effective communications. Consequently, wireless communications is a very important business tool. It enables staff to move freely within and even outside the premises, facilitates better availability and increases efficiency. We offer units and systems for offices, warehouses, industrial operations and hotels alike.

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Mitel DECT base, handsets & accessories

Base Station BS330

BS330 1880-1900 MHz

Aastra, Ericsson, Mitel
SKU: NTM/KRC30103/1

Base Station BS332

Base Station BS332

Aastra, Mitel
SKU: 80E00014AAA-A

Desktop Charger for DT390/DT690 (new)

Mitel Cordless DECT Desktop Charger for DT390 & DT690 Mitel...

Aastra, Ericsson, Mitel
SKU: BML351063/1

BS/IPBS AC Adapter 230V/24V EU

BS/IPBS AC Adapter 230V/24V EU

Aastra, Ericsson, Mitel
SKU: BMLNB10109/1

Desk PDM+Charger DT390/DT690 EU

Desk PDM+Charger DT390/DT690 EU (refurbished)

Aastra, Ericsson, Mitel
SKU: BML351061/1


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Our webshop helps you with your telecom needs including PBX cards, cabinets, terminals and accessories.

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