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Gigaset DA710

Display, 8 x 2 direct keys, handsfree, phonebook, headset support, call blocking
Product SKU : S30350-S213-S201
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Make and take calls with ease with the Gigaset DA710. The space for up to 100 phonebook entries gives you plenty of room to store all your contacts and the 8 direct dialling keys for 16 numbers lets you call more people at the touch of a button. The Gigaset DA710 is perfect for use in the home or at work.

The Gigaset DA710’s hinged alphanumerical display lets you adjust it to the angle most comfortable for you and allows you to check time, date and call duration at any time. For even more flexible talking either use the handsfree function or attach a RJ9 compatible headset via the headset socket.

You have the choice of 16 melodies and 4 volumes to alert you to incoming calls. Of course you can always turn the ringer off when you don’t want to be disturbed, and be alerted to incoming calls through visual call indication. An added benefit is the VIP call indication which allows you to designate certain contacts as VIPs, and assign them a unique ringtone and visual indication. You can also program the Gigaset DA710 to ring only when a VIP calls.

Need to quickly get in touch with a recently dialled contact? Simply use the last number redial function to get in contact with up to 5 of your last dialled numbers. If you need to go further back, it also stores a list of the last 50 calls. The call blocking function lets you block certain outgoing calls such as costly toll numbers.

2 year warranty


Connectivity: analog

Sound quality

  • Advanced handsfree talking
  • 10 polyphonic ringers
  • Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries
  • Adjustable handset volume
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Headset connection (2.5 mm jack)

Display and menu features

  • Numeric, alphanumeric and semigraphical display
  • Illuminated display with adjustable angle
  • 3-line, 16-digit, 16-segment display (5 x 7)
  • Easy-to-use text-based menu
  • Display of caller’s number (CLIP1)
  • List of last 50 missed calls with time and date
  • Time display
  • Date display
  • Call duration display

Convenience – phoning essentials

  • Phonebook with 100 entries
  • Direct dialling keys: 8 x 2 levels
  • List of last 5 dialled numbers
  • Automatic dialling of operator prefix
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Visual signal of incoming and lost calls
  • Call blocking
  • Wall mountable

Keypad features

  • Recall key
  • Key lock Messaging functions
  • SMS function


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