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Aastra 7434ip

Refurbished IP phone with LCD screen and PoE for MX-ONE and BusinessPhone
Product SKU : AA7434F
From Stock

Aastra 7000 terminals are a new line of terminals, designed with quality and esthetics in mind, while offering full support for Aastra communications systems. Drawing from our extensive experience in terminal design and combined with thorough end-user research, we have taken terminals yet another step forward in providing worldclass usability and efficiency. The terminals are suitable for all office environments and offer full support for features implemented in our advanced communication systems. Management of the terminals is an integrated part of the system, further simplifying upgrades of Aastra 7400 IP phone software.

Aastra 7434ip is the flexible office version. The phone has a traditional flat position and a tiltable display, as well as a number of programmable function keys and speed dial buttons. To further support the flexibility, the phones can be supplemented with extra key-panels.



  • My Dialog Contacts – End-user application for merging MS Office Outlook® contacts with the personal contacts in the phone
  • IP Terminal Administrator feature integrated in system management applications
  • Integrated web server for central, remote and local support
  • High quality voice properties including G.722 wideband codec
  • Dynamic jitter buffer
  • Volume control (combined for handset, headset, loudspeaker, ring tone)
  • Distinct blue LEDs for function keys and speed dial keys
  • Mute function
  • Equipped with hearing aid support and acoustic shock protection
  • Support for increased volume for users with impaired hearing
  • Graphical display, 3 lines
  • 1 000 personal contacts (phone book)
  • Call list with 50 latest incoming and outgoing calls
  • There are two different extra key panel options:
  • Key Panel Unit (KPU)
  • Display Panel Unit (DPU)

The Aastra 7434ip can be equipped either with up to three KPUs providing 72 extra keys, or with up to two DPUs, providing 48 extra keys.


Package Content:

  • IP Phone
  • Ethernet Cable

Supported systems:

  • Aastra/Ericsson BusinessPhone (R17 and above)
  • Aastra/Ericsson Telephony Switch (SP7 and above)
  • Aastra/Ericsson Telephony System (4.0 and above)


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