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Aastra BluStar™

Application Server. Central server for Aastra BluStarTM
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Central server for Aastra BluStarTM for advanced conferencing & collaboration

The Aastra BluStar™ Application Server is an induvidual command center, which provides the advanced conferencing & collaboration features for the Aastra BluStar terminals. Up to 200 terminals (Aastra BluStar 8000i and Aastra BluStar PC client) can be served with only one Application Server in the system and the number of the participants in the video conference is maximum 100 at one time. The BluStar™ Application Server is pre-installed and set up for an industrial grade, 1U high (rack mountable) INTEL server. For high availability, you can use the Aastra BluStar™ Application Server with duplicated INTEL servers, in redundant configuration.

Aastra BluStar™ 8000i
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