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Aastra MX-ONE (earlier versions were sold under Ericsson MX-ONE brand name, recent versions called Mitel MiVoice MX-ONE) is a complete vehicle for communications. MX-ONE not only provides a complete telecommunications solution, it is also the tool for Mobility and Unified Communications. MX-ONE is based on open software and hardware environment. Here You can find our selection of Aastra MX-ONE (TSE) parts:

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Aastra MX-ONE (TSE) parts

MGU MGU 2x4 E1/T1

MGU MGU 2x4 E1/T1

SKU: ROF1376304/1

MX board ALU2/11 Alarm i/f

MX board ALU2/11 Alarm i/f

SKU: ROF1375373/11


3U Media Gateway

SKU: BFD76142/1

Aastra MX Board TLU76/11

30 Channel ISDN Digital Trunk Card

SKU: ROF1375338/11

Power-One CMP 3.48 Rectifier

Power-One CMP 3.48 Rectifier for BZA10908/2 (230V AC/DC...

Ericsson, power-one
SKU: BML351054

Power-One Galero 1750 Mains (Shelf System)

Mains (Rectifier) for MX-ONE or Telephony Switch

Ericsson, power-one
SKU: BZA10908/2

Rectifier module for BZA10909/1

Original manufacturer and type: Cherokee Innovations /...

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: BML351056/1

Mains to 48V 27A (Mitra)

Mains to 48V 27A (Mitra)

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: BZA10909/1

POW58 AC/DC 48V/16A/800W (Unipower)

POW58 AC/DC 48V/16A/800W (Unipower)

Aastra, Mitel
SKU: BML351058/1

TMU/12 (Refurbished) System card/unit

System card/unit

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: ROF1375335/12-REF

ESU (Embedded Server Unit) System card/unit

The Embedded Server Unit is an Ericsson-developed blade...

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: 1/ROF1376301/1

MX-ONE 1U Server System card/unit

1U Ericsson-developed server (up to v5.0)

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: BFJ90104/1

MX-ONE 1U Media Gateway System card/unit

Media Gateway Unit for MX-ONE (up to v4.1)

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: BFJ901103

Dialog 4225 Vision V1 Light Grey Grade B

Dialog 4000 (DBC4) series digital phone

Aastra, Ericsson
SKU: DBC22501/01001


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